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Thank you to our regular givers!

Thank you to all of our regular supporters, YOU are amazing! You are helping to change lives every day. Your monthly donations provide Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia with a reliable and sustainable income which helps us plan well into the future and that means the world.

You are part of a committed community of people who are all determined to eradicate obstetric fistula and help finish what Dr Catherine Hamlin started. Your support restores women’s lives.

The power of your monthly donations cannot be understated. Your regular gifts help Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia provide vital services to Ethiopian women, across Hamlin's three pillars of care: treatment, prevention, and rehabilitation and reintegration.

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Regular givers help provide life-changing surgeries, which restore health and dignity to women who have suffered a fistula injury. Regular givers help train skilled Hamlin Midwives who work across Ethiopia to provide safe deliveries for expectant mothers and to prevent fistula injuries occurring. Regular givers help provide rehabilitation and reintegration programs to recovering fistula patients.

Meet Sam, regular giver and advocate for fistula patients

Meet Sam: midwife, maternal child health nurse, and passionate supporter of obstetric fistula patients.⁠ Sam became a regular giver as a way to support women in Ethiopia and help realise Catherine's dream of a fistula-free future. "I would love to see Ethiopian women readily able to access midwifery care and safe birth. I became a Hamlin regular giver because I wanted to be a part of this amazing work and to be able to contribute to seeing this dream come true," she says.

Sam regular giverf3 | Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation | Together we can eradicate obstetric fistula in Ethiopia.

Sam's advice for people considering becoming a regular giver? "If you are thinking about giving monthly, I would say go ahead and do it!" she explains. "It’s so easy. I thought of a sum that achieved a particular goal and then arranged a direct debit. The biggest benefit for me is knowing that my support gives women their lives back, restoring their dignity and their place in society, giving them a chance to be a mother again and having a second chance at a life that had once felt lost to them."

If you would like to join our wonderful community of committed Hamlin regular givers, click here. A monthly gift of $75 will fund a standard fistula operation in one year!


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