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Frequently Asked Questions?

Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia is a healthcare network of over 550 Ethiopian staff servicing six hospitals, Desta Mender rehabilitation centre, the Hamlin College of Midwives and over 90 Hamlin-supported midwifery clinics.

Hamlin is the reference organisation and leader in the fight to eradicate obstetric fistula around the world, blazing a trail for holistic treatment and care that empowers women to reassert their humanity, secure their health and well-being, and regain their roles in their families and communities. 

Our vision is simple: To eradicate obstetric fistula. Forever and empower women to reassert their humanity, secure their health and well-being, and regain their roles in their families and communities. Learn more about us through the following FAQs:

About us

What is Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation?

The Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation is an independent charity established to raise funds for Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia, to eradicate obstetric fistula using the Hamlin Model of Care.

Was Dr Catherine Hamlin part of Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation?

Yes. Dr Catherine Hamlin was our Founder and Patron. Catherine passed away in March 2020 at age 96. We exist to fulfil her vision to eradicate fistula. Forever.

Who was Dr Catherine Hamlin?

You can read more about Catherine’s life’s work to eradicate obstetric fistula under the About Us page. Or you can read the books Healing Lives, The Hospital by the River and Catherine's Gift all of which give incredible accounts of Dr Hamlin’s decades of service to women in Ethiopia.


Are donations to Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation tax-deductible?

Your donation to Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation is made through Every.org, a US 501(c)(3) public charity. Every.org will immediately send you a receipt by email. On a weekly basis, Every.org grants to the American Friends Fund set up for Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation hosted at the King Baudouin Foundation United States (KBFUS). This process ensures your eligibility for a tax-deduction, enables you to consolidate your gift records, and reduces the administrative work for Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?

Donations made online in the USA will immediately receive a receipt by email from Every.org

Wire transfers and cheques sent to Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation Friends Fund at KBFUSA will receive a receipt by mail.

Donors in Canada will receive their tax receipt from KBF Canada Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation project at the time of their donation.

Where will my donation be used?

Donations received from supporters in the USA and Canada will support Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia’s programs in Ethiopia.

Donations pie chart 2022 768x512 1 | Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation | Together we can eradicate obstetric fistula in Ethiopia.

How can I be sure my privacy is protected?

Protecting the privacy of our donors is extremely important to us.

Our Privacy and Cookie Policy can be found here.

Regular monthly donations

In USA you can sign up here.

In Canada you sign up here.


Should I notify you if I have named Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation as a beneficiary in my Will?

If you decide to make a bequest, please let us know so we can thank you, record your planned gift and ensure you receive regular updates about the programs your gift will support.


I would like to raise funds to support women with obstetric fistula.

We would love your support.  We have a range of ways you can get involved and raise funds for our programs. Please see our website here.


Where does Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation get its money from?

Our funding for Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia comes from voluntary contributions made by individual donors, foundations, businesses, community organisations and schools throughout Australia, USA and Canada.

How are funds raised and how are they used?

Hamlin Expenditure 2021

Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation works hard to ensure that the highest possible percentage of all donations received is spent on programs to treat and prevent obstetric fistula.

Is Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation audited?

Yes, the financial accounts are independently audited annually. Our Audited Annual Financial Statements are available on our website here.


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