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Amina's Second Chance at Life

Name: Amina Edris
Age: 60 (estimated)
Home village: Guba Koricha, 300 kilometers west of Harar
Arrival date: Late-February, 2021

The horrific injury of obstetric fistula stole Amina’s health and happiness. Thanks to Hamlin’s Patient Identification Program, she has been given a second chance at a happy and healthy life.

Amina lived a simple, happy life with her three kids and husband in the small village of Guba Koricha, a six-hour walk from the nearest town. With no electricity, transport or medical services around, she gave birth to all of her children at home – just like the other women in the village. Tragically, the birth of Amina's fourth child had complications. After an agonizing 36 hours in labor, her baby was finally born, but the birth caused a heart-breaking injury that left Amina leaking urine.

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The pain, shame and isolation that followed was nothing short of devastating for Amina. Shortly after her injury, Amina also lost her husband in an accident, leaving her to care for her family and the small farm that was the source of their livelihood. With every passing day, her hopes of a cure faded. By the time Hamlin Patient Identification Officer, Mohammed, finally found Amina in 2021 she had been living with her injury for 25 years. Mohammed drove Amina and three other women suffering from fistula to Hamlin's Harar Fistula Hospital.

A cure for Amina

A cure seemed like a long-lost dream to Amina, but once she arrived at Hamlin’s Harar Fistula Hospital, her hopes were renewed. Amina successfully underwent fistula-repair surgery thanks to the Hamlin Fistula Surgeon Dr Leta. “This is an amazing place. For me the motherly care and love was like a cure. I had my first surgery, and I am dry for the first time in 25 years!” exclaims Amina.

Amina patient

Amina was transported and treated by Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia entirely free of charge as part of Hamlin's Patient Identification Program, thanks to the generosity of Hamlin supporters. Click here to donate today, and help more women, like Amina, begin their own journey to hope.


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