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Celebrate Generosity on GivingTuesday

What is GivingTuesday?

GivingTuesday was started in 2012 as a simple idea:  a day that encourages people to do good. Since then, it has grown into a year-round global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.

GT heart | Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation | Together we can eradicate obstetric fistula in Ethiopia.

It’s more important than ever to show up for our communities. Whether it’s helping a neighbor out, showing up for an issue you care about or giving some of what you have to those who need our help, every act of generosity counts.

GivingTuesday 2023

On GivingTuesday on November 28, 2023 your donation to Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation will start the healing journey for a woman in Ethiopia suffering from the devastating childbirth injury, obstetric fistula.

At home in central Ethiopia, Meseret endured an agonizing, obstructed labor before her baby was stillborn. She was left with a devastating obstetric fistula injury and was leaking urine. Meseret suffered with the trauma of fistula for 28 years, not knowing there was a cure.

With support from her son, Meseret finally traveled to Hamlin’s Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital for treatment. On arrival, she was given a beautiful Comfort Package, funded by someone like you. This was the start of her healing journey and was followed with fistula repair surgery which restored her health and dignity.

Meseret and comfort package 1500x1000 1 | Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation | Together we can eradicate obstetric fistula in Ethiopia.

Each Comfort Package includes a Hamlin blanket, lovingly knitted by a volunteer, hygiene items, a clean new nightgown and slippers, and a lovely homecoming dress so a woman like Meseret can return to her community looking and feeling like the new person she’s become.

Donate on GivingTuesday

We all have something to contribute toward building a better world. At Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia, this means a future free from obstetric fistula for women in Ethiopia.

Will you donate on GivingTuesday to start another woman’s healing journey and help transform her life?

Share how you’re giving on social media with the hashtag #GivingTuesday and inspire others.


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