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Meet our Clinical Team: Head Nurse Wondimagegn

Wondimagegn Kibret is the Head Nurse at Hamlin's Mettu Fistula Hospital. He has been working with Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia for 11 years and is a member of Hamlin's Clinical Team, committed to providing best practice care for obstetric fistula patients.

Caring for women in need

Nurse Wondimagegn is committed to helping those in need. That's why he pursued a career in nursing fistula patients. After graduating with a nursing degree from the renowned Jimma University, Wondimagegn was working at Jimma University Specialized Hospital as a nurse from 2007 to 2009.

Nurse Wondimagegn

In 2011, Nurse Wondimagegn joined Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia to treat women with childbirth injuries, and help eradicate fistula from Ethiopia. His goal is simple: help "in eliminating fistula from Ethiopia and helping all women with fistula to be treated and cured." The role is complex: the nurses attend to the physical care that patients need prior to, during and after fistula-repair surgery - in addition to caring for their mental health after the trauma of fistula.

Wondimagegn and staff make a bed

Committed to self-improvement and professional development, Wondimagegn underwent post-graduate study in a Master's of Public Health. The father of three remains busy when he's not working at Hamlin. "I enjoy playing with my kids, reading books, visiting my Mum, and watching films," he says.

Wondimagegn and patient

Wondimagegn Kibret: Head Nurse at Hamlin's Mettu Fistula Hospitalย 

As Head Nurse at Hamlin's Mettu Fistula Hospital, Wondimagegn's work varies from the operating theater to ensuring the overall care of all patients at the hospital. "Working at the Mettu Fistula Hospital is a very interesting experience because it really is the right place to help our mothers and sisters who are from very poor backgrounds, cast out by the community due to their incontinence, and unfortunately have suffered a stillbirth. Indeed, I feel like it is a blessing to give care for these women," explains Wondimagegn.

Wondimagegn profile5 | Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation (USA) | Working to eradicate obstetric fistula. Forever.

Reflecting on the work of Drs Reg and Catherine Hamlin, Wondimagegn says, "They left us an incredible legacy which we should continue: the extreme love and care they showed for women with childbirth injuries, and the vision to eliminate fistula from Ethiopia!"


While significant barriers to maternal health in Ethiopia remain, Nurse Wondimagegn is hopeful for the future. Reflecting on his hopes for future generations of Ethiopian women, he said โ€œI hope to see empowered, fistula-free and happy Ethiopian women.โ€

Nurse Wondimagegn and staff

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