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Meet our Clinical Team: Dr Tekleselassie

Dr Tekleselassie Asres Gebreyohannes, surgeon at Hamlin’s Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital

Dr Tekleselassie is a Fistula Surgeon at Hamlin’s Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital. He is a trained obstetrician and gynecologist with more than two decades of experience.

Dr Tekleselassie joined Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia in October 2018, before this he worked in various hospitals in Ethiopia, Liberia and South Sudan. He obtained his medical degree in Jimma University in Ethiopia, specializes in obstetrics and gynecology. During his two decades of providing obstetric and gynecological services, Dr Tekleselassie encountered and treated some patients with obstetric fistula. He was also involved in the United Nations Population Fund's (UNFPA) Campaign to End Fistula in South Sudan. These experiences evoked his interest in helping and treating women suffering from fistula.

Dr Tekleselassie hospital2 | Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation (USA) | Working to eradicate obstetric fistula. Forever.

Dr Tekleselassie then became a close follower and admirer of Drs Catherine and Reg Hamlin. “They are exemplary humans who will live in my heart. They will be remembered for what they accomplished and the example they set for Ethiopian doctors and the rest of the world,” he remarks. He is also passionate about the Hamlin Model of Care, which is grounded in a fundamental respect for women who suffer this condition and a commitment to provide complete and compassionate care for them.

He was very happy to join the Hamlin’s Clinical Team, “When I got the opportunity to get involved I didn't hesitate to jump in. For me this is not a job, it is a service to humanity," says Dr Tekleselassie.

Dr Tekleselassie hospital3 | Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation (USA) | Working to eradicate obstetric fistula. Forever.

Passion for treatment

To further refine his fistula repair techniques, Dr Tekleselassie was trained at Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia under Dr Ambaye and Mamitu Gashe.

Since joining Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia in 2018, he has performed over 90 fistula repair surgeries and over 25 perineal tear cases. He is a great example of Hamlin’s excellent clinical team, who are the leaders in the treatment of fistula. Dr Tekleselassie is currently enrolled in the Urogynecoloygy Fellowship Program, which was developed by Hamlin to help doctors provide highly specialized care to women with complex urogynecological disorders, including fistula cases. Dr Tekleselassie is passionate about his job at Hamlin, “I am happy to do what I love in an organization that puts patients before anyone,” he reflects.

Dr Tekleselassie hospital4 | Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation (USA) | Working to eradicate obstetric fistula. Forever.

In his free time, Dr Tekleselassie loves to read and spend quality time with his family. Looking towards the future, he stated: “I want to see Ethiopian women enjoy the same privilege as their brothers and fathers. To see a fair world with no gender discrimination and no gender-based violence.”

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Written by Celia Li, intern at the Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation.


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