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The Hamlin Model of Care

The World’s Leading Approach to Treating Obstetric Fistula 

Surgical Repair

Surgical Repair, often through a single, life-changing surgery. At the network of Hamlin regional hospitals in Ethiopia, more than 60,000 women have received obstetric fistula repair surgery. Hamlin’s Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital has also trained many surgeons from around the globe in this procedure. 


Rehabilitation, because surgery is just the beginning of the road to recovery from this childbirth injury. Alongside personalized nutrition plans that help to nourish patients who frequently come to us severely underweight, and intense physiotherapy to treat muscle damage, women to regain their strength. 


Reintegration, beginning with literacy and numeracy classes, and vocational and life skills training. We also support women in finding sustainable employment or starting their own businesses. In many cases, they may have lost everything, and so this support is critical to equipping women to return to their communities. 


Counseling, because obstetric fistula is accompanied by severe psychosocial trauma. We provide women with the empathetic support they need to regain their sense of self – sometimes after years of living in shame and social isolation. 

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